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A Guaranteed Search Title shows the same information as a Certificate of Title and also shows any interests that are not yet registered against the Title.

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Delivery Speed:

  • Urgent Speed Guaranteed Search Titles are delivered electronically to your email address within an hour during operating hours (Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm).
  • Standard Speed Guaranteed Search Titles are delivered electronically to your email address by 10pm the same day or by 9am the following working day (i.e. if ordered after 6pm).

This Guaranteed Search Title product can be used for:

  • Consent Applications including Resource Consent, Building Consent and Subdivision Consent Applications.
  • Pre-Purchase Diligence.
  • Identifying the Registered Proprietors of the property, the rights and restrictions that apply to the land and the boundaries of the property.
  • Identifying if there are any pending interests to be registered on the Title.

This Guaranteed Search Title product sets out the following information:

The Title Reference, or Identifier Number:
These are unique for every title. Newer title reference/identifier numbers are numerical such as 564738. Older title reference/identifier numbers refer firstly to the land district of the property i.e the greater Auckland area is known as North Auckland or NA and then a combination of letters and numbers such as: NA125A/45.

The Date:
This is the date that the title was issued e.g 13 March 2007.

The Land Registration District:
This identifies which of the 12 Land Districts the title is registered in e.g Wellington is WN, Canterbury is CB and Otago is OT.

The Prior Title Reference:
This is the previous title reference for the property.

The Legal Description:
This identifies the parcel of land e.g Lot 1 DP 3465 or Unit B DP 34098.

The Current Proprietors:
e.g Pete Mitchell or Titles Incorporated Ltd.

The Property Size:
The property size is described in either hectares or metres e.g 2308 metres more or less; or 8.457 hectares more or less.

A summary of any Registered Interests:
e.g these could include Consent Notices, Mortgages, Easements. The Guaranteed Search Title document provides a brief summary of these such as: Land Covenant in Transfer A569789 – 1.6.2003 at 11.15am. These interests are provided as separate documents and can be purchased from the Interest on a Title page.

The Nature of the property:
e.g Fee Simple.

The Plan Diagram of the property:
The Guaranteed Search Title Plan illustrates the shape of the property and usually includes the Boundary Line Measurements. A more detailed Survey Plan or Unit Title Plan is sold separately.

The Issue Date of the title:
Each time a title is requested from the LINZ database it is stamped with a date in the bottom right hand corner.


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