Cheap Titles sells Certificates of Title

Cheap Titles provides the cheapest, quickest and easiest method of obtaining Certificates of Title. We offer the following title products:

We have experience assisting our customers with custom orders, including bulk title requests for thousands of titles (our largest exceeds five thousand Certificates of Title). On request, Cheap Titles can maintain an online custom database for large title requests – this enables multiple team members to access the Certificate of Title documents via a password protected web link.

We also have experience tracing back through historic title records, locating historical documents for properties. Please contact us about your specific Certificate of Title requirements as we look forward to meeting any challenges you may have for us!

Cheap Titles provides Planning Advice and Resource Consents

We prepare, lodge and manage resource consent applications. We can provide pre-development advice and risk assessments for the early stages of planning a development. We can provide the following:

You can see a selection of our resource consent work on the projects page.

Cheap Titles provides Subdivision Advice and Subdivision Consents

We provide professional resource management advice on subdivisions, including development potential assessments (i.e how many additional houses or lots can be created on a property) and can prepare, lodge and manage subdivision consent applications. We can provide pre-development advice and risk assessments for the early stages of subdividing land. We can provide the following:

Cheap Titles provides Development Contribution advice

Development Contributions are often an unexpected additional cost in the process of building or subdividing your property. All kinds of building works can require development contributions including works that require building, resource or subdivision consent.

Development Contributions recover the costs of development for the council. These costs are for providing infrastructure, open space, stormwater, wastewater and transport networks.

The fees associated with a Development Contribution can range so enormously, from less than $10,000 to well over $100,000 – depending on the value and size of the land and the works proposed.

As a Development Contribution can add a sizeable expense to a project we recommend seeking advice before beginning any development project.

Cheap Titles can assist with the following:

  • Determining if your building or subdivision project will require a Development Contribution; and
  • Determining how much a Development Contribution will be; and
  • Checking the council calculations for any over-charged Development Contributions.

Please contact us to discuss your specific Certificate of Title or planning requirements.