Here are answers to some common questions. If you have a question that is not covered here, or if you would like more information, please contact us.

What is a Certificate of Title?

A Certificate of Title (also known as a Computer Register, land title, title, CT) is the legal document of ownership for properties in New Zealand. A Certificate of Title document sets out the registered proprietors of the property and it also sets out the rights and restrictions that apply to the property. Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is responsible for keeping these certificates of title electronically and we are licensed to provide these Certificate of Title documents to you by the cheapest, quickest and easiest online method possible.

Why do I need a Certificate of Title?

There are many reasons why you need a Certificate of Title, but a Title is always required if you are applying for a consent, including resource consent, building consent and subdivision consent. You will also need a title if you are purchasing a property or if you are seeking to verify property ownership.

If you are applying for a resource or building consent you need to submit a recent (obtained within 3 months of the date of lodging the consent) Certificate of Title with your application.  If you already have a Certificate of Title, check the bottom right hand corner of the title to check the date that it was issued. If this date is not within the last 3 months we recommend purchasing a more recent title.

How do I purchase a Certificate of Title?

You can purchase a Certificate of Title (or any other Cheap Titles product) from the Shop page. Select your chosen product and either select the blue “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” buttons. You will then need to enter the specific details of the product that you have chosen i.e the full street address (including suburb and region), legal description or Title Identifier number. Once you have entered these details, select the blue “Add to Cart” button and this will take you to the Cart page. From here you can proceed to checkout your Cheap Titles product(s) or you can return to the Shop page and add additional items to your cart.

You can add as many Cheap Titles products as you like to your order but for each item you will need to return to the Shop page, add the additional product, add their specific details and then add the product to the cart before selecting your next product(s). When you have finished shopping proceed to checkout, enter your details (i.e email address) and then select your chosen payment method. The requested product(s) will then be sent to your email address.

For more information read our detailed blog post on how to order a Certificate of Title or any other Cheap Titles product.

Why do I need to enter a shipping address?

All requested title(s) will be emailed to your nominated email address. PayPal collects the shipping address for fraud prevention reasons. If you pay for your title(s) by credit card, you will be automatically directed to the Cheap Titles Paypal site to process your transaction. It will look something like the following:

Paypal Screen

Paypal Screen

You can use your Paypal account or just use your credit card to purchase the title.

We use Paypal as it is a fast, secure method of processing credit card payments. As part of the Paypal requirements you will need to enter a shipping address – but this is only to meet the requirements of Paypal – we do not use this shipping address. Unless requested otherwise all our products are supplied via email in digital format.

For more information read our detailed blog post on how to order a Certificate of Title or any other Cheap Titles product.

How long will it take to get a Certificate of Title?

Our promise to you is that you will get the best price and the quickest titles. Once purchased with a credit card, urgent Certificate of Title products will be sent to the nominated email address within an hour (provided that this falls within working hours of 9am-5pm Mon – Fri and provided there is sufficient information to process your order. If we do not have sufficient information to process your order we will send you an email requesting additional information). We promise that we will deliver titles within an hour however, we usually provide urgent titles within 15-30 minutes of the order being confirmed.

Non-urgent titles will be emailed to you either later the same day (of your order) or early the next working day. For example, if you order a non-urgent title at 3pm it will be sent to you by 5pm that same day. If ordered after 5pm, the order will be sent to you the morning of the next working day.

Please note, if you choose to order a title and pay by bank transfer we will not be able to send the title until payment has cleared – this will generally be the next working day following payment.

When can I get a Certificate of Title service?

We are open for business 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

Certificate of Titles ordered outside of these operating hours will either by delivered later that same day or will be delivered the morning of the next working day.

On request, we can process Certificate of Title orders on a Saturday. If you would like to obtain a Certificate of Title on a Saturday please contact us – and we will do our very best to arrange this for you. To contact us on a Saturday it is best to contact us via email.

Can I pay with direct bank transfer instead?

Yes, payment for your Certificate of Title order can be made by direct bank transfer however, as direct bank transfers are not processed instantly we will not provide the requested Certificate of Title product to you until payment has been received. This will typically be the next working day from the date of purchase.

Can I get a paper copy of a Certificate of Title?

All Certificate of Title products are delivered electronically to your nominated email address in a pdf format. On request, for an additional fee (to cover postage costs), we can courier your Certificate of Title request to you. Please contact us to arrange this.

I have questions about planning and/or resource consents, can you help?

Yes, no planning question is too big or small. Please contact us for specific advice.

Oops! I entered the wrong street address in the shopping cart – what should I do?

You should contact us straight away. If your Certificate of Title order has not been processed, we will be able to simply change the street address. If the order has been processed you will be charged for this search and the additional search for the correct address, so please ensure the details of your Certifcate of Title order are correct before proceeding through to payment.

What should I do if there is more than one title for a property?

If there is more than one title for a property please add as many title requests to your shopping cart as required – with a small note in the address box to indicate multiple requests. So your requests might be as follows:

  • 20 White Road, Tauranga
  • 20 White Road, Tauranga (2nd title)
  • 20 White Road, Tauranga (3rd title)

Or if you have the title references it might look like the following:

  • 20 White Road, Tauranga, SA123/45
  • 20 White Road, Tauranga, SA34C/233
  • 20 White Road, Tauranga, SA34C/349

If you consistently order several titles a month you may like to contact us about our account service. With our account service there is no registration or subscription fee and no monthly fee or minimum monthly fee.

What is the Cheap Titles Promise?

By purchasing a Certificate of Title from Cheap Titles you will get the best price, and the quickest Certificate of Titles.

Cheap Titles offers two service levels, the Urgent 1 hour delivery and the Non-Urgent/Standard (within) 12 hour delivery (by 5pm the same day or early the next working day). If we don’t deliver an urgent certificate of title within the hour on a business day – it’s free – that’s our promise to you.

You can get started by viewing our range of products, or order a Certificate of Title right away.

Please note that we can only deliver on this promise if payment is made with credit card and provided there is sufficient information to process your order. If we do not have sufficient information to process your order we will send you an email requesting additional information. For purchases made by bank transfer the requested Certificate of Title products will generally be sent to the nominated email address by 9am the next working day or once payment has cleared to the Cheap Titles bank account.

Why do I need planning advice from Cheap Titles?

The following are situations that can benefit from professional planning advice:

  • Are you purchasing a property, but want to know if you can extend the house, or construct a garage or deck before you enter into such a large financial commitment?
  • Are you wanting to open and operate a doggy day care, child care centre, hair salon or want to work from home, but don’t know if you need resource consent?
  • Is your neighbour applying for resource consent, and the consent has been notified, but you are unsure how to prepare a submission to council?
  • Do you want to subdivide your property, but are not sure if you can? or how many lots you are able to create?
  • Are you preparing a building consent application but would like a planner to review the application to check if resource consent would be required? or
  • Do you need a resource consent but not you are not sure how to prepare an application or an assessment of environmental effects?