Why do I need to keep obtaining Certificates of Title?

This post explains why you can not simply use the title you have lying around as part of your application for building or resource consent:

Even though you will have usually received a certificate of title for a property when the property was purchased, you will still require a new title if you later decide to apply for building consent and/or resource consent to undertake alterations or development works such as:

  • Constructing a new building;
  • Building a deck;
  • Extending an existing dwelling; or
  • Converting floor space to a different use.

The reason for this is that titles have a date of issue on them, and any application for consent, for either building or resource consent will require a certificate of title that has has been issued recently, usually this means a title that has been issued within the previous three months from the date of lodging the application at council. To check the date of issue for your title, look on the bottom right hand corner of the title document as shown in the picture below:

CT Illustrating The Date of Issue

CT Illustrating The Date of Issue

So, if you are applying for building or resource consent, check the date of issue of the title that you are submitting with the application, and if this date is not within the last three months, order a title now – as you don’t want the application to be rejected for having an out of date title!

If you have any questions about titles, or what information needs to be submitted with an application for building or resource consent contact us we would love to help you out.

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